Video Editing

Non linear Editing is computer based editing which may come from a variety of sources. These include: VHS, SVHS, Video 8, HI 8, Mini DV, DV Cam. Currently, the main mastering output is DVD or Mini DV.

Non-linear Editing is the modern, and increasingly standard method of editing. Finished programs may also be output to Mpeg 1, Mpeg 2 for play back via a PC using Windows Media Player or to be incorporated in programs such as Power Point.

The computer-based nature of the editing enables easy creation, manipulation and alteration of video or still images. This method of editing also enables easy addition of a wide variety of visual and audio effects.

Loop tape creation – this allows a company to repeat a short presentation a number of times over the course of a trade show or conference. For example, there may be a 5 minute presentation on a DVD. This means that the personnel running the conference or trade show do not have to keep rewinding the tape and can instead focus on serving their clients.
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