DVD Duplication

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We are professional DVD duplication company from Melbourne, specialising in DVD duplication with short lead times. We can meet, and in any many cases exceed, your time frame at a cost that will please your accounts department.

A video of what we do:dvd duplication service

What’s needed to get started?

All we require is an original copy of your DVD and a JPEG or pdf for the artwork. From that point on we can start duplicating your program, print directly (at up to 2400 DPI) on to the DVD and pack the finished disc into the appropriate type of cover. If you have cover sleeves they can be inserted at a minimal cost per unit. However, in most cases they are not necessary, as the printed picture can be designed to present an informative and professional image.

We also have the ability to cater for large DVD duplication orders. The cost per unit decreases in volume increments.

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